Friday, November 27, 2009

The apron to brighten any household chores!

I know I may look a bit of a dork - but I had to have it! And I had to be photographed in it, to show off to my discerning - and now jealous - readers! {I have also purchased several more, tucked away for christmas presents!}

Here I'm thinking 1960's New Idea magazine pose!

And I'm wearing this to brighten spirits which have been recently trailing near floor boards.
Onward and upward for me lovelies! For it is nearly Christmas!!! And I intend, from this moment, to enjoy every moment of the good cheer!

Shell xx


  1. I love it! You put a smile on my face with that apron. My spirits too have been trailing near the floorboards but they are picked up a bit by seeing your big smile and by thinking of this lovely time of year and the preparations to be made. I decorated my small tree last night and did a little Christmas shopping this week :-) Happy Christmas preparations my dear <3

  2. Great apron!
    Approaching the New Year always brings my spirits down, I think it is part of the human condition. I hope yours float at least high enough to peek out the windows...

  3. I love your apron! What fun! Saying a prayer that your spirts are lifted and that joy will fill your hearts and home.

  4. Oh my!!! that apron is FABULOUS! I love it, and even more so on you.

  5. That is the cutest apron yet! I hope it brightens your spirits heaps - it has brought a big smile to my face!! Love Martine

  6. Ahh Ha! I love it! But I want you to pull another, slightly smaller apron out of the front pocket, which, coincidentally, will have yet another slightly smaller apron in It's front pocket and so on and so on. I'd sink some money into that!


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