Monday, December 28, 2009

In the Stillness...

I gave a day of post-Christmas stillness, and poetry to myself today.

I ate Eggplant Kasaundi and squishy white cheese with toast and put my feet up...

I reflected upon the beautiful film Bright Star - which I saw on Boxing Day evening. Directed by a woman and co-staring an Australian. One of the most wonderful films I've ever seen!

And to learn more about John Keats - whose short life yielded so much heart felt, romantic poetry. I rather found myself determined to, before my life ends, compile a book of my own poetry...

I will let it be just one. From early, innocent verses, through youth, and on towards wisdom, where grace truly comes into your life, and you're even happier than you were, when you were innocent - because now you understand the time and the journey and the pain and the peace.

Yes friends, I feel dreamy and inspired... Like I could conquer everything with just the right poetic verse... Or perhaps I have been inside my book of verses too long! Like the line from Persuasion - when Anne questions a friend if too much poetry "is quite safe!" That might be it..!

I am rambling! But I am enjoying exciting myself with the possibilities that new year will bring, and I need to list my hopes and creative plans for the next chapter to share with you - and for you to share with me the lists that will help shape your 2010.

Yours in verse -

Shell xx


  1. That movie sounds fantastic! I love the picture of the girl sitting amongst the bluebells! Yes, a book of poetry, a book of your life viewed through your heart, sounds like a glorious idea!

  2. mmm, thank you Kerri, you urge me to create every time I read your words. As for the book, perhaps I'll wait til I'm old... by which time I may truly understand and know my own heart...

    : )


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