Thursday, December 24, 2009

On the eve of it all...

..I arrived home from food shopping to find a package for me in the mail from a dear and beloved friend.

And I know she would smile to see Tara dancing around the kitchen with the ribbons from atop of the little presents...

Friend, thank you. You defined the day with such love today. I will savour, and cherish each special thing you've sent, leaving nothing unenjoyed or overlooked. I am humbled by your kindness. Inspired to be an even better friend to you this new year.

So on the eve of it all, in 37˚ heat, I kept cool inside with my children by decorating a wreath to hang above the piano - complete with fake cherries and real olive branches!

And on the eve of it all, I have taken time to enjoy Emma's amazing bird Christmas ornaments on our tree, to breathe the fresh pine needles, just to lovingly wrap presents, and become excited!

And again, to thank the dear sweet loving hearts I have found here, in this last amazing blogging year. Thank you for your beautiful words always - and in some cases, for your beautiful art work as well - which as you can see, features highly in my home.

Ah the day that is almost upon! The time to show the love for all who are dear to us! And all in God's name! Amen!

I plan to cherish every minute with my beloveds, and to be thankful for such a blessed year, hopeful for the new one ahead.

Full of jam
and turkey
and new earrings
and good chocolate
great music,
and kind words
and ginger bread!

Merry Christmas,

Shell xx


  1. ...MERRY CHRISTMAS Shell...thank you for your gift of song & friendship...this year!

  2. I knew those earrings looked familiar!

  3. Oh Mechelle! I'm so glad it arrived in time; and that you enjoyed the contents. My little way of showing my love and thanks for you! And the earrings like especially wonderful hanging from your lobes. I hope you had a blessed Christmas! Celebrating the greatest gifts of Life eternal with the father, and of new birth and family...

  4. lovely wreath, lovely birds, lovely earrings, lovely words! Merry Christmas!!

  5. Lovely gifts from lovely friends. <3

  6. I love your wreath and the paper birds and your glorious eyes! So excited too to see my little red birds in your home. Merry Christmas Shell!


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