Saturday, December 19, 2009

An ode, and a conversation...

I hardly know where to begin, but it has been the most eventful time...

Though I ponder too much, try to hone in on exactly what I want to tell you, when really I should just start as though we're in the middle of a conversation - as you talk with old friend - the points and the events come out within the chatting and the friend-ing.

I should go backwards, from most recent doings... For all I can really think about today is how privileged I have been to have {in small way only} helped at my Sister~in~Law's birthing of a new and particularly perfect baby girl!

And if birth doesn't hone in all your thoughts and perceptions about this life we're living and why we're to live it wholesomely and well - then nothing will. I can only seek to express my gratitude for being in the presence of strong, spiritual women such as the ones I shared this event with. And for shyly witnessing the love between to-be mother and to-be father, throughout the ordeal and the life changing event that is the birth of their first babe.

* * *

The night before we took our caroling hearts to Stage 88 in Canberra, and sang along to seasonably appropriate songs of praise with our children and two thousand or so others!

It's funny, but in a wonderful way, that the only time of year you will hear great masses of people, outside of a church singing hymns that acknowledge and praise God, is at Christmas. I love that Christmas is about Jesus, and that hysterical giving, and generosity and equality among all, stems from Christian inspiration and teaching.

And it's nice to pack a homemade picnic dinner for all the family to eat on a rug under spiritually charged oak trees and grand old gums.

* * *

On Sunday, my friend returned home from his last overseas work trip of the year. Much joy was to be had for it was also the day of our anniversary! And we went to church together that night as a couple who had and been in love, and in matrimony for Thirteen Years, and blissfully counting...

We went and had a splendiferous meal on Monday night, the kind when you dress in your best, you go for a little drink before hand, {and though I don't drink alcohol, I did discover that I love dry ginger ale softdrink with a slice of lime} you hold hands in the car park, he holds the door; pulls out the chair... Not to make it sound as though I do not get that kindness and specialness from my friend, and he from me, everyday - which I confess I do - which is what makes a special outing and an amazing meal in the company of just each other even more special. Because we celebrated our long standing friendship, and earned an evenings ode, to an undying love.

Of course, still a little like the silly children we were when we got married in 1996 - too shy to ask the waitress to take an iPhone photo of us together! And, um, gosh, I didn't think my dress was that low!! *cringes*

So, that covers some of my short stories of late, though not all of them. I will post more often {promise!} from now, and up until Christmas, keep you up to date, and in the conversation, as though you are, and because you are an old dear friend.

Shell xx


  1. Congratulations on 13 years! Anniversaries are beautiful!

  2. Congratulations on the first (delivering the babe). How awesome is that? And congratulations on so many blissful years of marriage. You and your friend are indeed blessed. Being Christmas season makes it ever more magical. Love and hugs xx

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary that is so special. A big congratulations to sarah and scott they just must be over the moon and the whole tully family. A birth of a baby is an amazing wondeful experience one i hold very dear to my heart. I miss talking and chatting to a very very special person that i will always hold very close to my heart without her i think my first birth would have never been so special. Sarah was so lucky to have you by her side. xox

    Merry xmas to you all. Not a day goes by i dont read your blog and miss you all. xox

  4. Oh Mechelle, again I must tell you how you inspire me... in your love of life, your faith and steadfastness in Him, and your relationships - especially yours with Jamie. I think back to the times you first talked about it here, and later when I was able to see you both together. What a love, partnership, what a great energy you share - that is truly inspiring. I still have the image of your family coming into that little paper shop - including you with with your bright eyes, Jamie pushing Tara in a pram, and thinking, what a brilliant (beautiful) family - I would like that for myself one day. I'm so glad we started talking!

    Love and blessings to you, Jamie, Emma, Campbell, Sean and Tara (Hillview too)- have a happy and celebratory Christ-birth! (And maybe look out for some post)

  5. Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you had a lovely night together! And as for your dress, just remember that the authour SARK says, "You are a wild, succulent woman." I say embrace it, you look fabulous!


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