Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a Chicken, and her boy...

She was not completely disappointed that her boy had not yet even named her - for he was so very kind and attentive to all of her pecking and scratching needs, that it hardly mattered.  In fact, her re-homing to this new place her boy called 'Hillview' had in her opinion, gone so well, she fancied that if he never called her anything other than "chook, chook, chookie" while he held her, or dispersed the food, it would not mean that he loved her any less.

In short, she had decided that her boy, was the best boy, she had ever had!

Shell xx


  1. Oh I love chickens so much! I think I must adopt one at once!

  2. Oh how I love this boy and his chicken! I remember the smile on his face when he danced outdoors to show me the feathered friends of hillview....

  3. I love that boy!

    Chidda xx


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