Friday, April 9, 2010

Lord, I thank you. For Sean.

 I asked Sean today; "What does it feel like being Five?" and he answered; "It feels like fun!"

Shell xx


  1. What a sweet response to your question from Sean. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!

  2. Aw..what a cutie! :)
    And what a fun outing for family & his little friends!!

    You are such a beautiful lady!
    Love your style girl!


  3. Happy Birthday bright-eyed boy! I am sure you get your devastatingly handsome looks from you mamma (and dad too). What a perfect party for celebrating five; complete with cupcakes (on a TRAIN fork), games, loving family, and a bit of thomas tank here and there!

  4. Aww, he is so cute!! I love the picture of the children sitting in a circle! :)

    I'm still trying to get my new link for your blog to work right. For some reason it doesn't want to let go of the old address. ;)


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