Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Quietly...

...I go in for a Sunday picnic.

...I have an overblown obsession with packing good food into Décor containers.

And for framing my feet in pictures which capture such vivid Autumn-ness!

For skies so free and blessed, and blue.

For laughs so real and pure.

For finding my dearest friend, in the middle of the garden.

And rediscovering some of my recently forgone delight, in this beautiful life, within this beautiful world.

Post Script:

I'd also like to thank Lynn, for your playing my music on your radio show-
You cannot know how proud and grateful I feel...
And Emily, your posts of late have been like healing balm to my broken skin.  I love your heart.
Jamie, when you get some time off (soon!) I am going to make you read me all of 
Shakespeare's sonnets in the Wintery sun over Yorkshire tea!
In short, I adore the!
And to my dear studio piano- 
aren't you glad we got that take of "Tattoo" down yesterday afternoon?
I feel it was all due to the relaxing vibes I wore
as I skipped into the round room - post picnic glee!

Shell xx


  1. An autumn picnic with the family sounds just like the right antidote to the blues. The photos are lovely. I especially like the top one that shows the beautiful pathway framed by colourful leaves. Calls to me "this is the way. Walk ye in it." Big hugs xx

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  3. Lovely pics of your precious family and Canberra's best autumn colours just for you! I love the sky shot and here is a song you reminded me of

    "....Lord Jesus You are the One
    Who sends the clouds
    That roll along
    On the crest of the wind
    I look up I see in them Your power..."

    Rich Mullins October 21, 1955 – September 19, 1997

    Make no mistake Shell, I am honoured to be able to share your gift on the airwaves, and I wait somewhat impatiently for online streaming so that people all over the world can hear you just like I can!

    Yesterday I played your version of Time After Time, of course, as I will every week ; ) *my programme is called, appropriately "Time After Time" with Lynn* as well as Together and Miles Away and I mentioned the Album title and that it was available on itunes ;) I consider it my privilege and pleasure.

    love you Shell Belle xxx

  4. Dearest friend,
    Seeing your beautiful eye emerge from an autumn leaf, hearing your quiet and gentle voice, reminds me that this season is a time for unleaving, letting go; making way for new growth, new life, new joy. May you continute to soothe your heart and body and soul with the good things. I love you and am sending my thoughts and prayers x

  5. Who's that tired looking old man? ;-)

  6. Thank you Joyful, not so much the blues, but the stresses of banks and money and things I need to just pray about (whilst giving thanks for having my family's and my own good health and happiness!) Bless you, eternally kindred spirit!

    Lynn, wow, I am so touched by your comment(s) - I love you.

    Windhover, I LOVE the term "unleaving" you give me a new way to ponder the challenges of the season...

    And, Jamie, I know that is you! And that tired old man should smile when I point a lens at him and he may not look so frail! I love you.


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