Saturday, July 31, 2010

Only four weeks of winter remain...

So I am making the most of edible winter delights, 
like slow cooking,
long bubbling rice pudding.

Roasted white meat, 
crusty breads,
butter lettuce,
Lebanese cucumber
(always cucumber!) well as every good thing!

And posies of jonquils to perfume my home office all the way to spring!

How is your season treating you?

Shell xx


  1. I was just saying to myself this very same day that only four weeks of winter remain! All the fields here are beginning to be dotted with the most adorable bouncy lambs and the first few blossom trees are in bloom. We're almost there!

  2. Your winter looks lovely. It seems like our winter lasts such a long time...but it is very cold here in the winter. I think that makes it seem longer. It doesn't look too cold there.. is it?

    We're enjoying our summer time and also looking forward to favorite season. So good to hear from you! :)

  3. Gorgeous!
    That food looks so mouth is watering over the avocados! They are a rare treat here in Korea.

    I send a warm Summer hug your way!

    Just keep singing..singing singing..hehe
    (Reference to 'Finding Nemo')



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