Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Week of Easter Goodness Pt 4...

Thursday.  Day four of Easter goodness...

Is a fresh lunch consumed in the Autumn sun out of doors, followed by a walk down the paddock where Kangaroos play...

{Photo by Emma Tully}

{Photo by Emma Tully}

With Beatrice trotting alongside smiling!

{Photo by Emma Tully}

{Photo by Emma Tully}

And gorgeous native berries, a pleasure for the lens to behold.

Followed later by my darling nephew's 6th birthday party.

And much later, decorating eggs with my babies by lamp light.  

I am looking forward to a reflective Good Friday, 
a road trip planned on Saturday, 
a feast and new life celebration on Sunday which honours our Lord and Saviour.

And not forgetting to slow down a little myself, so that I can feel and enjoy everything all the more.

Shell xx


  1. A set of photos that makes me wonder at the differences and similarities we all have...The opposite side of the Globe and you had the same~ish lunch as I...Though I'll never see a kangaroo jumping in these parts... :)
    Have a wonderful Easter. It looks to me that you have all the ingredients necessary...
    XO ~ to you Shell and your wonderful family...

  2. Thank you Joyful, and the same - perhaps more - to you.

    Andrea, thank you, thank you! To wake up this morning and find your comments was so wonderful! Here's to fabulous lunches, and Easters. On both sides of the globe...


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