Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Week of Easter Goodness Pt 6...

My bush baby...

And a perfect Saturday picnic sky.  We each brought together ourselves, and a plate to share.  A cup for copious amounts of communal tea, and a mind for both spiritual and jovial conversations!

All out in the crispest, cleanest, most inspiring air in the world.

The Aussie bush.

Where there is beauty which is subtle -from speckled reds, to blue gum greens...

And though I know I'm really a city slicker, and do not profess to be much of a country gal - my feet are happy on this ground...

My husband's family history is abounding, and nostalgic - I can almost feel them here still.  

I marvel at the thought of their feet, once upon a time treading this very ground.

Our time here is so fleeting.
Or should I say our turn here, is so short.
From when we are seen here, to when we are felt.

Precious, precious day.

Shell xx


  1. Sounds like we share the trait of being city slickers but love the feel of countryside and natural surroundings in the quiet, the history, the people who have gone before. It always makes me feel at peace and happy when I am out in the country. Bless you.

  2. Same here! I think one can pray and be, a little better outside.


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