Monday, August 1, 2011

a Brunchy Birthday...

Today, my Tara turned five.  Which brought occasion for brunch, much baking, nibbling and birthday laughter!  The theme was, as Tara named it "a flower party" and we all adorned ourselves with the floral theme (some of us went more overboard then others)!

And while it was the happiest of days - I couldn't help thinking as she blew out her candles, that she would never be four again, and now she is five - and further from being that baby I've been nurturing and raising.  

These days, and years are a lesson, and an inspiration to me on a daily basis.  I feel like if I can just always behave in a way that my children will look back at this time and say it was happy, we worked hard, we loved each other, and we had fun - then I'm doing okay. 

Happy Birthday, golden girl.

Shell xx


  1. Happiest of Birthdays Beautiful!
    What a great theme! And marvelous cake...
    That would be a good goal for all parents I think...
    I hope you all have a fantastic year...

  2. Happy Happiest of Fifth Birthdays dear Tara!

    You are growing into such a fine little girl
    (but in my fond memories you are also a giggling chicken monkey under the table)

    p.s. Shell, I love your reflections on nurturing your family and letting it grow. It means so much to me right now x

  3. Andrea, thank you so dearly for the kind words, and thoughtful wishes. It means so very much to me. I'm smiling right back at you! : )

    Emily, I've missed you! I've had you in my thoughts, and prayers. And I am imagining from where in your soul this comment has come...
    Thank you, ever so.


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