Friday, August 26, 2011

A week of homeness...

I've had people staying in my apartment in the city for ten nights, so no making beds or cleaning for me to earn my crust this last week.  Just sitting back a little in my chair and taking time to be at home...  Funny how with more time up my sleeve, I didn't get to this space to blog at all in that time!  

But I did get to use my camera to frame a few moments of this week of homeness...

Much sitting in my slippers, and watching my baby learn to crawl.

And taking time to make a study of my children's shoes by the door.  Which, oddly enough, fills my heart with joy, with hope, and then a bit of sadness that they might (will) grow up one day,
 and walk away,
 and leave their shoes by another door...

With a husband home for the week with me, we finally ripped out our tired old leaky kitchen sink and popped in a new one!  Made from inexpensive Ikea cupboards & doors, and a bespoke cyprus work top made completely by the hands of my clever friend.  A gorgeous tap purchased online, and a sink gifted to us by my most generous mother in law.  Love you mumma xx

At the weekend The Tullys played for scores of happy people at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra (photograph of soundcheck) until we all turned into pumpkins!

And Tara formed a band (with her cousins, and her Grandad!) on Sunday afternoon so that she could "sing like Mummy"!

So I'm thinking, it was a week made of win!  Of anticipation for a promising Spring,
of working hard,
of staying home and close,
to that and those, 
I love.

How was your week?

Shell xx


  1. I have missed you but glad to hear you are enjoying life. The make over in the kitchen is lovely. I wish I had a dear friend who could make such a lovely countertop. It is simply gorgeous. My time is going well. End of summer is near and I have been keeping super busy trying to enjoy some of it.

  2. Oh Shell, it makes me glad to think you have been resting and being good to yourself - enjoying your kin and kitchen and blessing others with your beautiful melodies!

    My week was lovely, full up with french school every day, feeling the season turn to autumn, enjoying the company of my dear friend, working in the garden, stroking my growing belly and thanking the lord for his tender mercies.


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