Thursday, December 1, 2011

An especially special Summer...

Whether it be,
in the numerous miniature daisy heads -
{inundating my quaint country garden beds}
Perfectly fresh scented English lavender,
Flowering coriander petals,

Or my own bare brown feet! 
Upon pink Camellia petals from Grandmother Thelma's vintage garden...

Whether it be the warmth in the air,
Or the hope in my heart,
I know one thing for sure - 
This will be,
an especially special Summer.
When what really matters most, 
will not be forgotten, 
for one hot minute.

Shell xx


  1. Here we are going into winter. Seeing your bright flowers and tanned feet brought a smile and joy to me. Have a wonderful week/weekend!

  2. A season to be joyful - a season to be grateful - a season for overcoming :))

  3. What a delight for me to see the colours of your garden! and though wonderfully olive feet! On a cold wintry morning, it warms me right up :) Love and blessings to you and all at Hillview this summer!


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