Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas - back to the real...

It has been a season
much anticipated 
long looked forward to -
planned for and listed
shopped for
and baked 
all with much love -
It has been cataclysmic
brought both laughter and tears -
an exercise in financial frugality 
(perhaps more so as a result)
an experience of love and giftings 
far surpassed by years before -
It has been honest and true
it has been back to the real -

It has been 
holding hands
sitting still
praying long
hugging more
eating well
smiling wide
fearing less
Holding Strong.

And love at the root of where we belong.

Merry Christmas, from all in my house.

Shell xx


  1. It sounds like you have had a wonderful and emotional Chritmas.

    I wish you much joy and happiness in the New Year. xx

  2. You all look so well! Truly truly. And your celebrations sound the best kind.


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