Monday, September 17, 2012

Of trials and travels pt 1...

Oh blimey!  Welcome and good day to the wonderful Australian season of Spring!  

I cannot believe I didn't make time to post a poetic little entry to welcome her in and to take photos of blossoms!  I feel like my life is moving so very fast that I cannot keep up with some of the things I enjoy most of all, like being a blogging goddess!

In truth, I have been away on an adventure across the country and down south to my home town of Adelaide to be a guest at the wedding of my handsome younger brother.  And since he has not permitted me to post any photos of him, or the wedding on the internet as yet, you will have to look at one of me in my outfit for the fine occasion!  Lucky you!

We made it a family affair all round, and frolicked in the slightly warmer weather, marvelled and played at the base of the ancient fig trees in the Botanical Gardens, took the kids to the Zoo and Museums while in town.

There is more to share, and more to say but before I go for now, how have you been?
I would so dearly like to know!

Shell xx

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