Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A blast! From the past...

A friend of mine from primary school in Adelaide, tagged me in a class photo on Facebook today!  Apart from being simply amazed at what a bad looking, scruffy, half wog I looked (!) I was staggered by the similarity between me, and my son Campbell, only his looks have been much improved by the addition of my husband into the genetic mix! 

It has been a marvelous day in Tully land today - the sun has been shining, and I can see, in this beautiful world, how lucky I am.  My unexpected blast back into the past, made me remember being a child - I looked at the jacket I was wearing in the photo and thought, 'I remember that jacket',  and how it felt to hold onto the thick ribbed cuffs, stretch my arms outwards and pull at the sleeves... I dunno, the things you remember..?! *shrugs*

I remember my teacher, Mrs Hurrel.  She was very special.  She taught me to read, and noticed my interest in writing creatively.  She encouraged me with my poetry.  And always had me get up at school assemblies and recite latest work!  She was my first talent scout, my first devoted fan, my first teacher, in the purest and deepest sense of the word.  

She died of cancer not long after I left that school, and my family had moved to Taree, NSW (one of numerous moves made throughout my childhood).   It was very sad.  She was one of those angels that you meet only every so often in life, who know you better than you do.  Who look straight into your soul, know what you need, and save you.  I still sometimes feel her warmth around me, like motherly arms.  I can remember her voice a little bit, and see her smile in my mind.

It was wonderful to have someone so encouraging at such a young age, and I can see now that she was placed there carefully by God to love us all in that class and school.  I am old enough now to be thankful and inspired by someone so good, and endeavor to be that light if I can for someone, if God should think me able...

Mechelle Tully (nee Frentsch) -  middle row, 4th from left

Mrs Olive Hurrel - Far left

Shell xx


  1. It's very cute class, after reading your story I remember my teacher, she died of cancer when she was at young age like your teacher! thanks for your nice blog.

  2. Oh thank you quytuyen!

    I am pleased you related to my little story. Bless you for the kind words, it has warmed my heart that you're out there reading!


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