Friday, July 18, 2008

Captain Fantastic!

I am so excited when I see there a new comments on this blog!  It makes me even more inspired to share my life, and my heart with the world.

Today the sun came up, which is wonderful in itself I always say!  It was a cold but bright and beautiful morning.  I am always interested to see what the new day will bring.  Sure we all have our plans and our commitments, but I am ever aware of the bigger picture around our existence on this Earth.  So I know the plans we make often have little to do with what actually becomes of our lives...

Reminds me of the profound John Lennon "life is what happens while you're busy making other plans..."

I have been listening to some wonderful music this week.  I have been on a real album kick, rather than just assorted songs, I really enjoy the whole story you get from a great album.  I have been loving, Sam's Town by The Killers, Blue by Joni Mitchel, and Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy by Elton John.  I just think this is one of the most wonderful album covers ever!

If you haven't ever seen it in the 'flesh' then it's worth a look at the art work if you ever see a copy.  My wonderful Mother in law has the original vinyl edition - and this continuos maze of drawings all intertwined completely cover the front, back and inside of the sleeve.  It's just cool!

Back to life happening while we're busy making other plans; I suppose all we can do is not get too carried away with our own solo existence.  Remember the trees, and the sky, and the people you love.  When you feel empty and bored, do something for someone else, selflessly.  And having given, you will now feel completed yourself.

Shell xx

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  1. Really, most of us haven't got a care or problem in the world - but our anxiety levels tell us we have.. getting outside and seeing the sun rise can remind us that there are far bigger things and happenings in the universe then our small cares..

    Also - I adore Captain Fantastic!!!


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