Wednesday, July 23, 2008

M -y - i - Phone!!!

...I never was one much for phones - I see people walking around texting all day and I just feel a headache coming on!  So I rationally thought that the best device for me would be an iPhone... 


Now lets make this clear - I am a Mac fanatic!  I was first introduced to Macs when I was at high school and we did our computing lessons on them, and I have been in love with their intuitive nature and good looks ever since!

So I am very excited to have the latest thing from Apple!  And this afternoon, me and Mac went for a walk and took photos of my shadow...

While listening to Regina Spektor, and, with internet access should I need to google anything...

; )

I nearly forgot to mention, it is a phone as well, so...  Call me!

Shell xx


  1. lol

    Haha you are crazy lol


  2. I am LOVING your shadows! And an i-phone already! My goodness you are a keen mac bean. I have always had a soft spot for the old macintosh - when I get around to getting a new lap top in the future I know what I shall go for :)

  3. Why thank you Sarah! : ) I'm flattered you noticed!

  4. I feel lucky Melissa, thank you. If you've gotta have a phone it may as well be a pretty one I say!


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