Thursday, July 10, 2008

Miracle baby

We've been to Sydney today.  A couple of errands to run.  Firstly, we popped into IKEA for a few goodies...

This is not what we bought - I just thought this lamp was cool!  I got a couple of cute things for my kitchen and we looked,  and dreamed about designing a new kitchen for ourselves some day!

And secondly, to take little sister Anna, to her appointment at the Sydney Eye Hospital.  Anna is the funniest, sweetest, fruitiest person I know!  She is 15, and when she was just 3 months old, she was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma which is cancer of the retina.  She had a series of tests on her eye, in hospital in Sydney.  The whole family was in fear and abject terror that this perfect new little baby was going to die...

The day that the operation was scheduled, for the removal of Anna's eye, the discovery was made that the cancer appeared to be gone!  

Anna's story is a miracle.  She is a piece of heaven who was given back to the Tully family. 

She has ever since undergone numerous tests and operations to adjust, and monitor the eye.  So there are lots of trips to see the professor at the Sydney eye hospital, and we're all convinced that Anna and the professor share a special bond and understanding, that this is the baby, given back to us.  Praise the Lord!

She is to this day a fine young lady.  She is an artist, an amazing photographer, a beauty, a comedian, an intellectual, an entrepreneur! ... and above all, a miracle.

Shell xx


  1. Its no surprise that you have beautiful, miraculous family around someone like you! She sounds as though she has come out of uncertainty as a precious spirit with a lot to share with the world... and God had every intention of her doing so.

  2. Amen to that sister! She just baked me some ginger biscuits, which I am about to enjoy with a cup of tea. She really is the most wonderful blessing of a girl!


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