Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Queen, if she came in for tea!

I love that still, quiet sense of achievement you get when a big job has been done, and done well...

I just feel strong, and settled, and proud of myself today in the wake of my BBQ luncheon yesterday.  

When I was a little girl, my parents didn't have dinner parties, or BBQs, or get togethers - and I have really had to learn how you play the perfect hostess by watching other people who looked like they knew what they were doing!

I have in the past supposed that I couldn't cook for, and take care of people in my home because I was too shy for all that.  But I can see now that I was just too selfish and clueless instead.

Practicing hospitality is just that; practicing!  It does take time to learn how to take care of people.  And I have come to understand that it has to start in your heart.  It has to be genuine.  It has to be how you would treat the Queen if she came in for tea!

So like riding a bike, or learning to sew, I am learning to serve.  And loving the still, quiet sense of achievement that follows good, hard work.  

Shell xx


  1. Hi Shell, you really made me think about where I learned to be hospitable. My parents rarely entertained anyone although my grandmother always had a house full of people and loved to look after them!(my mum's mum) She had 11 children and the family just grew and grew!! There was always someone "popping in" to her house because they knew they
    would be warmly welcomed and sat down with a cuppa and bickies/cake and a friendly chat. Everyone from the Rawleys Man to the Salvation Army man to the Avon lady, and in those days the bread and meat were home delivered too!! The kettle was always on and there was always a welcoming warm kitchen!

    My Norwegian grandmother would have been similar I guess, not that I remember. She had ten children over 24 years. I guess she was used to entertaining too! My Norwegian relatives are all very hospitable people!!

    That's what I love about my B&B. I get to show hospitality to people I have never met before!(as if they were the King and Queen!) I like them to feel welcome, to have everything they need in their room without them having to ask, and to give them a yummy breakfast in the morning. And it's very rewarding knowing I have succeeded!

    Thanks for getting me thinking, again...
    bless you Shell

    L xox

  2. Wow, what a wonderful comment to find here! I am so glad, and inspired to see your gift of hospitality reach it's 'full bloom' at your B&B!

    I love your comments,

    Bless you dear friend!


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