Monday, July 21, 2008

Little women...

As I walk past the piano at home, I often have to put down whatever I'm doing, not be able to help myself - and sit down to play a little song...

I am enjoying a new skill of late, learning favourite covers for my solo gigs at Gloria Jeans.  At the moment I am playing about with Regina Spektor's "Us" which I have always been meaning to learn, since it came out several years ago...  My sister in law was playing it on guitar last night at home church, and she inspired me!

Speaking of inspiration, have I mentioned how much I love winter bulbs that think it is spring therefore are flowing out of control?!

And have I mentioned how much I love Tara in her little red winter boots?!  She is wild, and wonderful!  She gets into everything, follows me around all day, and is my best little companion...

The other thing I have achieved today is finishing the framing of my two beautiful prints by Miss Emily Burtt.  I highly recommend you check out the shop here...

I am surrounded, it would seem by many inspiring and talented young women today!

Shell xx


  1. I love miss wild tara of the red-boot kind... I love those premature blooms; and I am touched in the heart to see my imaginations in your home; truly, I feel so blessed that someone should like to own them too. How your posts make me smile...

  2. Oh Tara is Gorgeous!
    But im sure you knew that already!
    Im looking forward to sunday, sitting and enjoying your wonderful talent...


  3. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Sunday Sarah!

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  5. Thank you Emily. You have blessed and inspired me since I met you. I am a fan of your art!


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