Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wide awake in Australia!

I have noticed that in life, it takes a lot of confidence to be happy!  I have observed that people really take to you - or not, as a result.  There don't seem to be any in betweens...

Somedays when I walk around the city with lots of people rushing by, all being so serious and avoiding eye contact - I just want to start singing, and dancing, you know, in that broadway Gene Kelly kind of way.  And somedays, I do!

I'm reminded of the quote by Oscar Wilde, that "life is far too important to be taken seriously" and I just think that it's wonderful when you meet someone else in this life who is what I call, awake, and confident enough to just be happy! 

It always inspires me when I'm out, to talk to a stranger who is warm and alive, and I hope I can inspire someone else with my warmth.  I think that must be how we are supposed to be in this life.  An inspiration to one another.  If you do something kind, that you might wake someone else up from a deep sleep and inspire them, to be happy too. 

Shell xx


  1. Amen to that dear friend! I couldn't agree more...

  2. Your words are so up lifting, I read them i just feel like i can do anything! Thank you your an amazing role model!


  3. Thank you Sarah! I hope you stay posted...


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