Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pumpkin mad!

Today I have been cooking up a storm in preparation for a barbeque luncheon on Saturday, and also, cause I just wanted to!

I have been making chicken stock, then asparagus soup, then roast veggies, and I am about to put on a very handsome piece of roast beef for dinner.

I love cooking.  I have enjoyed pottering around my kitchen all afternoon.  And I love the response I get from family passing through as they take in the delicious aroma.

I love getting through my beautiful pumpkin.  It looks so cute to see a pumpkin sitting in a kitchen I think!

I have been singing to myself and enjoying the sunshine through my window.  I have been thinking about spring; and life; and love; and family, and the iPhone!  Oh, how I want one!

Shell xx

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  1. Did I tell you your asparagus soup was divine? Just in case I didn't, it WAS!!!

    Your photos reminded me again how wonderful it was....

    thanks Shell, your soup rocks!!


    L xox

    PS and it definitely has medicinal qualities too, Zoe's cold is much better now!!


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