Thursday, August 14, 2008

Before, and After...

This is me in 1998...

And this is me in 2008..!

Only by changing one's heart, can one change their mind,
Only by changing one's mind, can one change their spirit,
And only by changing one's spirit, 
Can one change their life!

Shell xx


  1. Did I ever tell you that Red is your colour? I didn't think it was possible to admire MORE about you; but I do... you prove to us all that nothing is impossible; if you have a hopeful and loving mindset; and you speak the truth! Too often in life we want phsyial, tangible change; when God may have a very different idea - its about asking and desiring our spirit to be changed and made new, in love and grace... I don't recognise the first photo of you; but the second has your smile - its that smile I remember the two times I've met you. The kind of smile that makes me want to laugh with you. Thank you for sharing this...

  2. Thank you for you comment.

    I wanted to share my previous struggle, and my present day triumph.

    I believe so passionately in honesty, and I wanted to show my readers from where I have come.

    It has been a long road back home for me. But without the journey, I would never have been who I am today. Stronger, slimmer! And happy. Truly happy!

  3. Thank you!! Im still on my journey but i do believe im heading down the right path!!

  4. What are you talking about Sarah? You're beautiful!

    Just look at that baby of yours and know he got his looks from you! No offense to Chris of course!

    But my favourite thing about you are your eyes. They're so pure and honest and they see the world in a very sensitive way! I think you're an artist. I cannot wait to see what God does with a face and a heart as beautiful as yours throughout your life!

  5. Oh Shell!!!!

    You are way to kind!!! I enjoy reading your post so much and learning too!!!

    Love you''


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