Thursday, August 14, 2008

A tale of denim woe!

Today Jamie and I went jeans shopping...

We walk into the first shop and Jamie tries on the most beautiful pair in the place.  Comes out, women faint, and gay sales assistants begin looming to talk to him at length about how well they fit, and I stand back with Tara in the pram, who is screaming to get out, has kicked off her shoes...  We pay, we leave.

Second shop.  I take in three different pairs in the largest three sizes when the sales assistant isn't looking because I am sure they won't fit and I want to avoid the embarrassment caused by the question they ask when you come out of the change room; "how did you go?"  And no, it didn't go well.

I don't know why the fashion industry is seemingly not interested in dressing people?  I love fashion.  Love clothes, and fabric and accessaries.  I am a confident woman, but I find shopping for clothes, with curves, sometimes a little unnerving.  

As I have talked about before, I used to be fat.  (I must unearth one of my old photos from ten years ago so you can see.)  I am now a size 14-16.  I still exercise everyday.  I think I look nice.  But every time I go looking for jeans I honestly cannot get the size 18 over my hips and that's just silly!

End of rant.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending.  I walked into Jag and realised I had been the singer at the wedding of the lady who worked in the shop!  We hugged, and giggled, and I told her my tale of denim woe.  She gave me the most beautiful pair in the place to try on...  I came out, women fainted,  and gay sales assistants (probably if there had been any) would have tutted!  Jamie stood back this time, with Tara running around the shop (wearing no shoes) and admired me!  We payed, we left.

Now that I have finished this story I am not quite sure what the moral is?!  

As I stood in Jag today and looked in the mirror at myself, I felt proud.  I was proud of all the mornings I have made the effort to walk up the hill all these years.  Proud of all the chocolate that I have resisted.  And most proud of the health of mind, body and spirit which learning self control brings.  The jeans were a nice reward today.

Shell xx

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