Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tea, and toast


It seems this is the official 'tea and...' series for the blog this week.  And if it is, then what better addition could there be than tea and toast?  

One of life's simple pleasures is a perfect cup of tea and some beautiful, brownish, seed garnished bread with (my favourite) red raspberry jam!

I had always been a 'white bread' person until recently, when I was handed a steak sandwich on whole meal for lunch by my sister in law.  It was SO good, I vowed then and there to change my ways!  So now I must officially be a grown up if I like the taste of brown bread - I would go so far as to argue that I now enjoy the taste of bread!  Since that white stuff didn't taste like anything compared to this heavenly cape seed loaf fresh from Baker's Delight...  Mmmm.

Speaking of growing up - I wondered if I was the only person on the planet who sometimes looked at themselves in the mirror, and were amazed to see an adult looking back?  I sometimes ask myself; is this still me?  Did I make it?!  Am I not a child anymore..?  And this is precisely why I cannot take myself too seriously in this life!  And nor should anyone who saw my school photos from my posts, here and here a few weeks ago!

I have settled that in many ways I am still a child.  And I think we need to be 'child like' in our lives, not 'childish'.  Playful and sensitive, without the selfishness and thoughtlessness of a child.  To overcome immaturity and embrace the honesty, the laughter, the fun loving and life lovingness of children.  For this is the only way to reach maturity, and stay youthful, in my opinion...

Shell xx


  1. Nothing so nice and lovely and heart-warming and tea and toast! Its funny because people always say I look older than I am; when I have always felt like a child - fascinated in all the tiny, overlooked things. And I say thats the best way to be; lots of colour, laughter and asking questions. You are as youthful as can be in my opinion!

  2. I think it's our youthfulness that makes us wise dear girl!


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