Friday, August 22, 2008

Outside Looking In...

As I sit here sipping my afternoon tea, it's amazing what creative photo opportunities present themselves...

This view from outside looking into the sunroom makes me think of a song I wrote for a friend several years ago just before spring had blossomed in her life...

Outside Looking In

Scary on the outside looking in,
Too good to leave, too bad to stay is that the problem?

You're doing your thing and that's okay,
But all I really want to say
Is I know it's scary on the outside looking in...

I know you're barely even starting to begin,
I see the tide go in and out based on your feelings,

You're taking your time, need to be sure,
But with all the planning in the world-
Sometimes nothing is fair,
Nothing is fine,
Nothing is perfect,
Nothing is nice!

Nothing is pure, nothing tastes sweet,
Nothing is new, nothing is neat!


Sometimes I don't even know if I can carry on!
Sometimes I don't even know if this is what I want...

You make a move you then regret,
Too many noises in your head...

Sometimes it feels like,
Nothing is fare, nothing is fine
Nothing is perfect, nothing is nice
Nothing is pure, nothing minus one,
Nothing is new under the sun...

Shell xx


  1. Have you ever thought about being a photographer

    I enjoy your photo's!!


  2. Oh, shucks! You're might kind...

    The most beautiful photographers I know are Anna Eliza, my dear sister in law; and Miss Emily Burtt, you can find a link to her blog on my bloglist 'Thoughts & Biro Sketches'


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