Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A poetic day!

I have been doing a little decorating here at MT12SS, and I think the place has come up nicely!  After three months of blogging here it has only just occurred to me that I should include a sample of my music, and a link to iTunes so that my readers can go shopping if they so wish!

I am not a very good promoter.  I think my brain spends all it's time writing poetry, and allows no space for advertising and promotion!  Oh well, it's the art that counts hey!  But I must say I am delighted with my little music player - which only took about nine hours to embed onto this blog!  But, I am up with all the computer jargon now, I know words like 'embed' and 'import' - scary!

But all is well, and before I go I must show you these two photos of the ice on Canberra's Mount Painter this morning...

Have a poetic day!

Shell xx


  1. Hmm So inspired by you i have started my own blog hehe yeah i copied you!!!

    I just thought hey why not it's a good way of just getting my thoughts out!!

    That is such amazing picture! You have capture's god reason for life!

  2. Hi Sarah - yay! I am so glad you have caught the blog bug!

    I think it's a wonderful way to express yourself! Enjoy it, I will add you to my bloglist.

  3. That ice just makes me quiver with delight! How I wish we got a little here... and you know how I feel about feet in photos; just lovely. I particulary like those socks. And can I just say a big congratulations for the CD sales! It is so encouraging when you know people are enjoying your art too! I say, if you tour in Germany its a darn good reason for me to go! I am sure the future is bright and surprising...

  4. Yes, if I tour Germany Windhover, you simply have to come! I will need a photographer, a poet, and a biro sketch artist to make the journey complete!


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