Monday, September 15, 2008

Take a bow!

Well I hope my week of poetry has been well enjoyed.  I know I have certainly loved expressing my daily thoughts in poetic verse!  If only every day could be spent doing so!

I have added a new song to my little 'widget' which can be found at the left of your screen.  (If you're reading an RSS of this blog somewhere else then click here!)

I am also beginning work on a new album of songs.  I have been performing early renditions of them at Coffee & Chords recently, and people have been nodding and clapping, so either they're very polite, or they like them!  I plan to record some more demos soon, and share them with you here.

Today I have been shoveling in the garden...  Learning that a pile of cat litter, when left for several years in the yard, can be turned over with a shovel - and rich, dark, fertile soil can be found hiding underneath!  I am very excited to learn this as I am an absolute novice when it comes to gardening.  But I am determined to learn how.

The children and I have been spending a lot of quality time together while Jamie has been away, we have been watching old movies, and cleaning up the garden, the toy room, and enjoying this first taste of spring together.  He returns in a couple of days, so we're all starting to get excited.

I will leave you with a bow, and a word of sincerest thanks, for your visit to this blog!

Shell xx

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