Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day Dreaming

The weather today has been belligerent!  Windy and cold; so I have stayed inside my warm cottage and turned my attention to music... 

I usually sit at the piano to play in the lounge room, then turn and kneel at the coffee table to write down lyrics until my knees hurt!  Normally this is a late night activity for me, when there are no distractions, no children awake.  And as well as that, there is something that seems more spiritual about the night.  I feel more susceptible to inspiration.  Like I can review my thoughts and my heart more clearly.

I should be reviewing country songs for a gig of that theme on the weekend, but I am just sitting there, playing new songs, and imagining how they will sound recorded; and performing them live...  My mind is also on Monday, it was such a great day!  

*day dreaming*

Okay now, back to work!

: )

Shell xx

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  1. one day i will find something im so passinate about like you have.
    you are beauitful inside and out shell..


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