Friday, October 24, 2008

This New Little Girl

I have been up all night.

Assisting the labour of my dear sister-in-law, Kathleen.  At 3am this morning she had a baby girl.  They have had four boys previously, so this was an absolutely amazing, and somehow extra special thing.  They thought they'd never have a girl...

I was so proud and honoured that she wanted me there to help her during that trying, but precious time.  I also realised I had never been a birth helper before, as I am usually the one having the baby!  So I just assumed myself as someone whose hand could be squeezed as hard and as often as necessary...  And someone to sit through, and "go through" each contraction, (and wish I could do some of them for her).

Kathleen worked so hard, was ever full of grace, and love for her child, ahead of herself.

It is a wonderful day!  I cannot wait to get to know this new little girl.

Shell xx


  1. Precious baby girl
    so soft and new
    what blessings you
    have brought with you
    a touch of grace
    to all around you
    a Father's love
    to always surround you
    Precious baby girl
    so soft and new
    You're a touch of heaven
    sent with a kiss from above
    and sealed with love.

    bless you for being a blessing to Leanie Shell,
    for being willing to share her journey to birth
    and all it's challenges
    and just for being you

    I am honoured to share my life with you

    love always
    Lynn xx

  2. *Blushing, and smiling*

    Thank you.

  3. Oh im sitting here crying after reading that.. Kathleen was there for me every second of the Birth of my baby boy.. Without her i believe i would have made it..

    Argh.. im silly for being such a cry baby..

  4. You're not a cry baby. You're sensitive. And apart from that, you know how childbirth changes you, and can help make you into a grown up. I think birth is an amazing spiritual and emotional journey - which is bound to draw a tear or two to the eye!


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