Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Heart

I went shopping today, to buy a feather for my hair, some nappies for the babies, and bits like that.  I chose a worthy feather, walked up to the counter and chatted with the lady as she served me.  It was during this conversation I of course told her I was a singer (la, di, da) and in my silly flamboyant way, managed to really make her laugh heartily out loud.  As I walked away I looked back on my short performance and was glad I had made her smile.  

I think that remembering to rejoice in life is the most important key to emotional, and probably most physical health.  So much worldly conversation is focussed on the negative, but I try to remember that this world was created by, and belongs to God.  And the good guys win in the end you know!  

I also think that no smile, or laughter that you give to others in your day goes unnoticed, it can always bless someone, and your happy heart will always bless you.

Shell xx

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