Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hot days, quiet corners...

On a hot day,
It is nice, to go find a place,
A cool, quiet corner to sit and think about things...

Today I thought about my life,
And who I am inside my head.

I examined what is good, 
And what needs to be improved,
I asked for what I wanted,
And gave thanks for what I had.

I thought about the plans I've made,
For things ahead-
Trying, (in my fallen way),
To see that God has His hand on my life,
Like the wisest, most loving friend.

Hot days, 
with time spent in quiet corners,
Make me remember what I am striving for,
And realise how far, I already have come...

Shell xx

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  1. Beautiful, spoke to my heart. Thank you for being such a inspiration in my life.


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