Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Wild Daisy

I have rather neglected Tuesday's Nature Appreciation Society of late, so this afternoon, Tara and I went out in the sunny, crisp Spring weather and picked some wild daisies...

And got tangled up in the Wisteria...

But it all ended in tears like things so often do when you're two!

Hope your day is full of flowers and sunshine!

Shell xx


  1. Oh Mechelle! That WAS what my day was full of! Well, when I wasn't trying to get on with my essays... these photos are delightful and so is Miss Tara. I love the smell of wisteria..

  2. Thank you! You could have done your study in the sun room while I played piano in the lounge! Lots of tea & nature breaks of course!

  3. Oh what a sweet heart.. Joel loves being outside when it's time to come inside he doesn't like me anymore :(.. His 1 going on 2 hehe..

    I do enjoy getting out in the sunshine only inspired by you other wise i dont think i would have.


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