Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sometimes I feel guilty....

...If I don't exersise heavily everyday,
If I don't get all the washing done,
If I have six pieces of chocolate,
instead of one;
But then I look at my heart, the way Jesus would,
And know that in all, my intentions are good.
And guilt is an institution
Of slavery!
Intended to keep good folk, in fear...
Of not having made the bed,
Of not having swept the floor...
When all that really matters,
Is loving with our whole hearts-
and thinking with our whole minds-
Living our whole lives, 
with the assurance that we are loved,
By a whole,
and loving God.

; )

Shell xx


  1. Gorgeous shell.. I love the photo's..Hehe

  2. Your words are so refreshing; they remind me of the truth in my heart.. And yes, what beauties you all are (the glow of loving and being loved, fully!)


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