Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sharp Frog Studios

Not many musos have their very own studio.  And fewer of them I'm sure, have their own studio converted from a wheat silo!  But I am one of those unlikely few.  Jamie built this (he says for me - sweet) but it is for the whole band, and the whole family.  It was indeed the farm's old wheat silo, and it is now the most gorgeous, completely round music space in the world!

We have named it Sharp Frog because it was the hilarious conclusion that a three year old Jamie came up with when Dad introduced him to his first echidna!  The story is legendary in our family, and now so is the name.  Jamie and Dad worked on the studio for the most part and so it seemed right to name it something strangely wonderful, and so the echidna lives there and greets all who enter by the wooden slab door...

I am delighted that we shall record our next album here.  After the spectacularly perfect Studios 301 in beautiful Sydney where Twelve Short Stories was made, this will be a more reflective album.  One that is written by a more grown up me.  By a writer looking back at a decade in the music industry...  

The songs are taking beautiful shape and I can't wait to finish rehearsing and start recording.  Lots and lots more work to do yet.  In fact I am only just starting to compile the story of the collection of songs.  This is what I was born to do, write albums of songs for sensitive souls to decipher!  And to record them at home, in that beautiful round room, will give the music made there an even more honest tone.

Shell xx

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  1. what a fabulous space! and that name is wonderful... I always wondered why "Sharp Frog" and now I know!


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