Friday, November 28, 2008

The day before, the day!

Tomorrow is the day we host and witness a wedding here on Hillview.  Everyone is busy.  I've never run so many glasses through my dishwasher before, and I have never bought so many tomatoes, lettuces and cabbages at the same time!  What fun!

I am sitting inside looking out at the rain, which incidentally is pouring down at present.  My feet have enjoyed this nice puddle!  But I am hoping that tomorrow the sun will be shinning.  

But either way - I say faithfully to myself - the people will come, and a party will be had; and love will out shine any grey cloud in sight!

Shell xx

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  1. Oh what a puddle! Its been rainy all afternoon here. I am excited about this wedding too now and cannot wait for all the stories and photos. And you are right - a union of two loving individuals and a celebration with dear friends and family can not be spoiled by mere weather! I hope you're well and not too tired from preparations.


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