Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Post wedding post

For once, I am a little speechless (which accounts for my recent blogging inactivity). 

I am just, quiet this afternoon.  Thoughtful.   And so very aware of this new season for my dear sister Sarah, whom I love.  And for Scott, who has waited a long time to be her husband.

They were beautiful.  And it was right.  

It was time, and everybody was happy.

The setting was home, and the place looked so beautiful...

I felt honored to be a part of the music, to give the gift of song with all my heart.

As the sun went down we danced and sang, and took no notice of the rain or the chilly night air....

The newly wed bride and groom were caught up inside chatting with their guests and keeping dry.  But outside in the rain were the champions!  We who helped put this day together; we did the Nutbush, the "shake your tail feather" Swing Kids, Irish jigs, and really "ham" 80's songs! We let loose, and let go, of all the work, preparation and anticipation that had been the last six months, or perhaps the last two years...

When I watched them come out to say goodbye to Mum and Dad, I felt a tear...  I have known this girl since she was the age that my own daughter is now.  I have loved her and laughed with her for many years and now she is off to become a grown up, a wife.

It is a wonderful, happy time here at home.  But the reality, and the enormity of new seasons in life always make me shed a tear, make me sit back in my chair and think quietly.  Trying to get my head around the changes and the chapters of this life.

So if you can forgive my silence of late, I am sure to make it up.  The more that happens to me in my life, the more inspired I become.  The more quiet thoughtful hours, always give me cause to make a lot of noise after reflection!

It is late in the day again, and I don't know where the time has gone.  But when I do work it out, I'll be sure to share it here, with you.

Shell xx

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