Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good morning

Anybody who reads me regularly, knows, I am the biggest fan of mornings.

Especially, Sunday mornings.

When you sit, and eat toast, and absorb tea slowly, and lovingly into your bloodstream...

I try to do everything a little more slowly and lovingly on a Sunday morning.

Shell xx


  1. Sundays have that effect don' they! Every second weekend (when I'm not working) I get to enjoy my Sunday mornings and it is far and away my favourite time of the week. An early morning walk, slow and thoughtful breakfast, tea, church... I have decided I would like to have sunday morning tea with you now! (p.s. hoping to be down in Canberra in Janurary if you're around!)

  2. Oh I would like that very much! I'll put the kettle on dear friend!

  3. That sounds so wonderful and relaxing!

  4. I do love my morning's and my morning tea.


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