Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Love... extra special.

I have been married to my precious best friend for twelve years today!

We were but kids then, now a little older (all of 30 & 31)!  

I feel like I understand,
so much more about myself,
about the world,
and about my own heart.
But all along, there would have been no growth,
no life, and little point,
without my dear friend, 
to grow up alongside.

I thank the Lord every day for this friend,
And his beautiful family-
Who have given me a home, and a life,
a chance to grow;
and still make me laugh!
Twelve years on...

Shell xx


  1. These pictures speak a thousand words Shell.

    God bless you and Jamie and your precious family, it brought a tear to my eye to read your tribute to Jamie and his family (now your family too)

    love always
    Linny xx

  2. Congratulations you beautiful souls! You remind me that loving relationships, romance, family, and faith are intrinsicly linked - they are possible (may age be no restriction!) and they are the greatest source of happines.

  3. Yes, and you know why?

    The answer is a poetic closure to my week of posts with this common theme.


    God is love, which is giving, growing, loves the truth, hates deceit, rejoices in knowing the real person, the way they were made by Him.

    Love is the greatest!

  4. I hope im just as happy in 12 years time as you two. You two look so much in love from the very first wediing photo. It's amazing!! You two inspire Chris and i and i know the whole Tully family insprie us!

  5. Amen to such love. It is lovely to see and feel. xx


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