Friday, December 5, 2008

-Hey, this is my 201st post!

* * *

Many months ago I posted about my aspirations of having a thriving little veggie patch to eat and enjoy.  I took photos of the little tiny seedlings and signs I had written on to mark the spot where each wonderful vegetable had been planted; well now, here is a glimpse of the proper vegetable forrest we have created!

It took time, water, love and care, but we have gotten there!  I feel so proud to eat the things I have grown.  The other day I picked enormous swedes from the garden and brought them inside to boil and mash with carrot and butter and salt and pepper!  To think we sewed those seeds into the soil only a few months ago...

I am not somebody who knows a lot about gardening, but I am learning.  I think all you need is a passion for life and you can learn to do anything.  

Today I feel such passion and pride that my garden is ready to eat, my heart is full of love; and now I must away for the tea is ready to be consumed!


Shell xx

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