Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Summer produce

I had never grown anything in my life before this veggie garden we planted earlier in the year.  I am so proud of it's produce.

Patience and time.  Water and sun.  How I do love this beautiful world!

Shell xx


  1. They look so so delicious! I cannot wait to see this garden of yours... truly, there is nothing so satisfying as eating produce you've grown yourself! We do, we do have a beautiful world..

  2. My tomatoes are just ripening as well! I'm as proud as punch and plan a bigger better garden next time (so long as I can keep the dog out).

    Nice leek,

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments! I can hardly believe that I grew these beautiful things, and I too have plans for a bigger better garden next year Phil! I hope one day I can show you my garden Windhover, though it is not yet all that it one day will be...


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