Monday, December 8, 2008

What really, is love?

I am going to post something everyday for the next week that I think really expresses the meaning of love.  Something personal and otherwise unsung, without ceremony, drama, or pink tissue paper and red love hearts!  Daily happenings which I think are extra relevant at this blessed time of year...

Tonight, it was Campbell spilling his enormous cup of  hot milk all over the kitchen bench tops and floor, being worried that I might be cross, me giving him a hug and helping him clean it up, without a care, or crossed word.  He felt bad, so why would I make him feel worse?  Don't I love him more than I love my feelings about cleaning the mess?  Yes, I love him more, and made sure that he knew it.

-Campbell Maurice Tully-

Shell xx


  1. What a wonderful theme for the week; I can't wait for more posts. If there's one thing I could say about you Mechelle, is that you are a woman who truly knows love, and knows how to love! You're right though - in moments of clumsiness/accidents its easy to get irritated and annoyed, but really, the harder thing to do is to keep on loving! I am constantly marvelling at how wonderful a person you are!

  2. You're very sweet. You and I are trying to feel more, and live more and love more in our lives. We can never be perfect, for it is a fallen world, but we will always endeavor to be (and encourage each other to be) the best we can be on this Earth.

    : )

  3. You inspire my heart!

  4. This blog is helping me lern more about being a good person. thankx


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