Friday, January 23, 2009

Brief Interlude...

Firstly; I hope it's making sense that I am back now and posting about our little adventure from home, as there weren't as many WiFi hotspots in country South Australia and Victoria as I had perhaps imagined!  But I made lost of notes and took loads of photos and I was posting in my head all along...

So I dunno about you, but I am enjoying the documenting of our journey here on this wee blog!

Secondly; to the Brief Interlude from my travel diary -

I went to the supermarket today to buy ingredients for "Chilli" (con carne), which as they say in the South, I had a "hankering" for.

I wanted some super-organic-funky-non-Doritos tasting corn chips to complete the feast, and in the health food isle I found these!

And they're blue!  (Ooh makes me think of  the Bower Bird)! I had never even heard of blue corn, and these chips were delicious! They also looked great with my presentation of a good ole' fashioned hearty din din!

Time to eat!

Shell xx

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  1. looks delicious! I still remember that beautiful curry you served us. And I love the sound of those organic corn chips. Glad you're home!


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