Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day Three - South Australia

On Thursday we were bound for South Australia - as the song goes!

It was fascinating and exciting to follow the map with my very un-map-savvy fingers!  

To stop for lunch, ice creams, a look, take photos or just drive through and admire the little towns along the way, many of them I had never even heard of.  

I have relaxed in the passenger seat of our faithful car,  looked out the window, admired the plains, the hills, the trees, listened to great music, amused the children with toys, jokes and giggles; (answered every question about Australian wildlife, and possibly everything else in the entire universe!) and most wonderfully, it's been a great chance to talk extensively with my best friend. 

Our cottage to call home for the next three days was called Black Rabbit Cottage.  A cute, quaint place which felt homey and served us well.

There was a friendly dog called Jess...

...who offered to eat any, or all food that we should be so good as to throw her way!  

Observe our lovely platter of fresh local produce!

(Except perhaps the Jarlsberg cheese, which we owe to the Norwegians)!

Black Rabbit cottage was truly lovely!  So secluded, yet with Optus 3G I could still check my Facebook messages to confirm a meeting the following morning with a beloved old school friend.

Inside and out, the cute little touches (like this fantastic window!) were enchanting.

A great place to base ourselves as we were to visit some of my family over the next few days.  What adventures would await us?

Shell xx

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