Thursday, January 29, 2009

Unpacked and reinstalled...

We stayed at a delightful B&B cottage in Wodonga on the way back from Melbourne for three reasons really...

1 - Half way point, 

2 - A chance to rest our bones over night; and,

3 - A way of prolonging such a fun trip for just one more day!

And I had to take a photo of these ex wooden crates turned into a bookshelf, after all they seem to have been named after sanctimonious, pretentious moi!

And this made me think of the plume!

Now home, well and truly unpacked and reinstalled, I find myself very content.  But already planning our next adventure!

Shell xx


  1. Hehe what a delightful bnb - how apt for their to be bookshelves named in your honour! This trip of yours has been such a pleasure to behold, but why do they always go so quickly by? To keep us planning the next perhaps!

  2. I hope I have captured it well. Not too self obsessively, just recording some of the interesting bits. Thank you for reading along, and what about the Plume crate! You must tell her to look at it!

  3. Im glad you had such a great hoilday! Look forward to reading all about the next one!


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