Sunday, February 1, 2009


Gosh.  It's hot.

No breeze in the evening, little cool air in the morning.  I believe we are in the thick of the Australian summer...

I am praying for a storm, a cloud, or at lease a new summer dress to offer relief from the monotonous heat!  

I am however enjoying my piano on these hot days when one has to avoid the outdoors until about 8pm.  I have been commissioned to write the music which turns my client's beloved poem into a wedding song.  Which is a precious task that I have enjoyed.  I like that my craft can be used behind the scenes for a song I won't even perform, this different kind of gig still earns me a little pocket money and makes me feel like the working songwriter I am, and blesses people on their special day.

I am compiling songs for my new album, and thinking it's going to be a very real, poetic, acoustic and melodic little thing, which I am eager to start recording!

I am sitting in front the tennis, (a newly converted fan of the sport), with one eye open and one shut.  Tired, contented, missing my friend in Manilla.  And gosh.  It's hot!

Shell xx

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