Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Martin Chuzzlewit

I have just finished watching this wonderful BBC adaptation of Charles Dicken's Martin Chuzzlewit.

Absolutely marvellous!  Poetic, entertaining and meaningful.  This story reeled me in with it's wonderful characters, took me completely into the story and caused me to forget the outside world while I was there...

Forget hollywood.

Give me the BBC!

Ah, the gift of a story teller so brilliant as Dickens always astounds me.  Not to mention the gifted people at the BBC who put these classics together, with casting so perfect and acting quality so high.  It is a true blessing for somebody like me, who unfortunately donates little, to no time to the pleasures of reading (*naughty girl*) so without adaptations of the classics such as this, (and so many others) I may not have had the pleasure of escaping into such worlds.  

I am inspired to sing and play after enjoying something as wonderful as this!  And to recommend from my heart, that you should go get it, enjoy it, and be inspired too.

Shell xx


  1. How cool is the surname - "Chuzzlewit" !
    Like I said yesterday, Austen, Dickens (to name a few) are such a pleasure to read/watch. GO the BBC...
    Love Lean


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