Friday, February 6, 2009

Today, renewed!

The last few days I have been a bit of a bore...  

I have been missing my friend in the worst way, he has been in The Philippines for the last two weeks with work, and remains there for just more than another one.  I think a combination of the heat, the mosquitos, sleepless nights due to heat exhaustion and babies waking have been wearing on my composure.

I am today however, renewed!

Why you ask?

I decided to stop it!  Putting to the test my own council that defeat is a choice, today I decided to overcome my inner struggles.  Bless this life, honour my Lord with gratitude, service, and love.  I am no good to anyone around me if I behave otherwise, and if I behave otherwise, I cannot respect myself!  

Anyway, enough of me...  I thought I would republish some of my favourite photos from previous posts for a fresh, bright look at what I call this beautiful world.  Nothing to the next one though I suppose, but for now this will have to suffice!


This beautiful winter tree;

Watching the sun rise on Mt Painter;

Tulips (I am the yellow one!);

Sunshine, my house, and baby Tara;

Produce from my own garden;

Central Park, New York.  My friend there with me (and baby Sean).

Shell xx


  1. These are some of my favoruite photos of yours too! Mechelle; you have an eye for colour and movement and storytelling in photos. I love seeing glimmers of your home and farm - they bring back such nostalgia in me for the beauty of it all! Its hard to imagine Sean as a little baby too.

  2. Thank you dear girl.

    I am truly complemented, I have always admired photography as an art but until this little blog there was never an outlet...

    Yes, Sean was a baby, he was smiley, and chubby, and soft, and so so sweet. Now he talks and runs, and is a big bundle of fun and energy; and even when he is a man, he still will be my baby.

    : )


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