Friday, February 20, 2009

Mellow greetings, and coffee house murals...

Mellow greetings to all, and sincere apologies for my recent lack of correspondence.  My computer is in at the Mac doctor, suffering battery "issues" and a kaput disk drive.  I have been left to wonder the world wide web armed with only my iPhone (ain't it rough) or any unattended computer at that I happen across!

I have been thinking up posts over the last few days, taking photos of this beautiful world where or whenever and the opportunity presents...

I have been playing a lot of piano, preparing for the new album, finishing off Bridges and second Verses, Outros and In...  Now, the above photo reflects absolutely none of the text below it so far until now.

The above is a gorgeous mural on the wall of one of my favourite coffee houses in Canberra.  I have been enjoying coffee in the presence of this South American looking expresso inspired picture for many years, and I noticed the other day that the shop is soon to be renovated and the mural will be gone.  So I had to take a photo of it to show you while I could.

I love the woman's hat, dress, and the red rose between the couple.  The expression on the waiter's face, and the overall colour scheme just makes me feel warm and comfortable and like, coffee!  I hope there will be something even more wonderful there soon to replace it, but I am disappointed to see it go.

I remember many conversations I have had there underneath that picture.  The sight of it makes me think of many things past, and I like the memories.  Many spirited, passionate, difficult, wonderful, political, personal and spiritual discussions have been conducted there over coffee with trusted friends, dear family; many more will come, and none (like this mural) will ever be regretted or forgotten.

Shell xx

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